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Creating character

There are 10 character classes available in the game

Character Classes[]

1st Class 2nd Class (lvl 150+) 3rd Class (lvl 400+) 4th Class (lvl 750+)
Dark Wizard Soul Master Grand Master Soul Wizard
Dark Knight Blade Knight Blade Master Dragon Knight
Fairy Elf Muse Elf High Elf Noble Elf
Summoner Bloody Summoner Dimension Master Dimension Summoner
Rage Fighter n/a* Fist Master Fist Blazer
Magic Gladiator n/a* Duel Master Magic Knight
Dark Lord n/a* Lord Emperor Empire Lord
Grow Lancer n/a* Mirage Lancer Shining Lancer
Rune Mage Rune Spell Master Grand Rune Master Majestic Rune Wizard
Slayer Royal Slayer Master Slayer Slaughterer
Gun Crusher Gun Breaker Master Gun Breaker Heist Gun Crusher

* = Characters indicated with this do not need to complete the 2nd class quest at level 150. This does not mean that these characters can skip the level 220 quest from Marlon (additional quest) to start your 3rd class quest. The level 220 quest from Marlon is required for all characters to complete before accessing the 3rd class quest.

Starting Characters[]

At the start of the game the players can choose between three different character classes. Each class has its specific powers and items, making no class truely "better" than the other, and all three are typically used to their fullest extent when grouped together. As each character levels up, they can transform into stronger classes. Each progressive class change grants access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance. To progress, characters need to do class quests.

Dark Wizard[]

Kingdom of Wizards, descendant of Arka, he has an inferior physical condition but has an enormous power and can command attacking spells freely.

Dark Knight[]

Kingdom of Knights, descendant of Lorencia. With a powerful strength and swordsmanship he can handle most of the close-range weapons.  

Fairy Elf[]

Kingdom of Elves, descendant of Noria. A master of arrows and bows and she can command various spells.

Unlockable Characters[]

Later on in the game, the player can create special characters only accessible to players who have reached certain levels or purchased certain character cards from the Item Shop.


Strong mentality and excellent insight creates the most powerful curse spell. Also this item pulls out another world summoners and use the detrimental sorcery against them.

Rage Fighter[]

Legitimate bearers of the Karutan Royal Knight and martial artists of great physical strenght. They also help other party members by casting subsidiary buffs.

Magic Gladiator[]

Complex character that has some characteristics of the Dark Knight and some of the Dark Wizard. Master in a close-range combat and can command spells freely.

Dark Lord[]

Charismatic character that can command the troops and handle the Dark Spirit and the Dark Horse.

Grow Lancer[]

The Last Lancer of Temple Knight Royal Guard. A balanced character that uses lance as a main weapon. They specialize in strenght and agility.

Rune Mage[]

A half-elf who was born between a human Wizard and an Elf. She uses unique spells and with the magic power of human Wizard and Rune.


Complex creature with human and bat mixed in. It's a character that has gotten quick action because of the bats' physical ability.

Gun Crusher[]

He is a member of the Mu Empire who survived through severe training. He has lost his ego and is loyal to the Mu Empire.