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Characters Edit

Main Page: Characters

1st Class 2nd Class (lvl 150+) 3rd Class (lvl 400+) 4th Class (lvl 750+)
Dark Wizard Soul Master Grand Master Soul Wizard
Dark Knight Blade Knight Blade Master Dragon Knight
Elf Muse Elf High Elf Noble Elf
Summoner Bloody Summoner Dimension Master Dimension Summoner
Rage Fighter n/a* Fist Master Fist Blazer
Magic Gladiator n/a* Duel Master Magic Knight
Dark Lord n/a* Lord Emperor Empire Lord
Grow Lancer n/a* Mirage Lancer Shining Lancer
* = Characters indicated with this do not need to complete the 2nd class quest at level 150. This does not mean that these characters can skip the level 220 quest from Marlon (additional quest) to start your 3rd class quest. The level 220 quest from Marlon is required for all characters to complete before accessing the 3rd class quest.

Quests Edit

Main Page: Quests

Name (linked to guide) Requirements
Sebina's quest

Level 150 + 1 million Zen

Marlon's quest

Level 220 + 3 million Zen

Devin's quest part one

Level 380 + 5 million Zen

Devin's quest part two

Level 400 + 7 million Zen

Devin's quest part three Level 400 + 10 million Zen
Sent's quest Level 750

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