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1st level wings[]

Wings of Heaven.png
Wing of Heaven

Dark Wizard, Magic Gladiator

Wings of Satan.png
Wing of Satan

Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator

Wings of Elf.png
Elven Wings

Fairy Elf

Wing of Curse.png
Wing of Mistery


2nd level wings[]

Wings of Soul.png
Wing of Soul

Soul Master

Wings of Dragon.png
Wing of Dragon

Blade Knight

Wings of Spirits.png
Wing of Spirit

Muse Elf

Wing of Despair.png
Wing of Despair

Bloody Summoner

Cape of Fighter.png
Cape of Fighter

Rage Fighter

Wings of Darkness.png
Wing of Darkness

Magic Gladiator

Cape of Lord.png
Cape of Lord

Dark Lord

Cloak of Limit.png
Cloak of Limit

3rd level wings[]

Wing of Eternal.png
Wing of Eternal

Grand Master

Wing of Storm.png
Wings of Storm

Blade Master

Wing of Illusion.png
Wing of Illusion

High Elf

Wing of Dimension.png
Wing of Dimension

Dimension Master

Cape of Overrule.png
Cape of Overrule

Fist Emperor

Wing of Ruin.png
Wing of Ruin

Duel Master

Cape of Emperor.png
Cape of Emperor

Lord Emperor

Cloak of Transcendence.png
Cloak of Transcendence

Mirage Lancer

Wings of Disillusion.png
Wings of Disillusion

Grand Rune Master

Wings of Silence

Master Slayer

4th level wings[]

Wings of Elysium.png
Wings of Heaven

Soul Wizard

Wings of Flame God.png
Wings of Flame God

Dragon Knight

Wing of Celestial Body.png
Wing of Celestial Body

Noble Elf

Wings of Other World.png
Wings of Other World

Dimension Summoner

Cloak of Judgment s.png
Cloak of Judgment's

Fist Blazer

Wings of Annihilation.png
Wings of Annihilation

Magic Knight

Cloak of Dominator.png
Cloak of Dominator

Empire Lord

Cloak of Isolation's.png
Cloak of Isolation's

Shining Lancer

Wings of Destiny.jpg
Wings of Destiny

Majestic Rune Wizard

Wings of Condemnation


Evil’s cursed wings[]

Wing of Magic.png
Wing of Magic
Wing of Chaos.png
Wing of Chaos
Wing of Life.png
Wing of Life
Cloak of Death.png
Cloak of Death

Conqueror's 2[]

Wings of Conqueror.png
Wings of Conqueror

Premium (Limited)[]

Wings of Devil & Angel.png
Wings of Devil & Angel